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At My Nametags we have a perfect name label for everybody.
Whether you are looking to label all your kids stationery, school uniforms or even an elderly parent’s clothing we’ve got the right label for you!
All our stickers, ministickers, iron-ons and maxistickers are 100% personalisable and also resistant to the washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and microwave.

  • Colour Stickers

    My Nametags Colour Stickers

    Our colour stickers are our most popular nametags. Apply them to stationery, clothes (on care label) shoes & equipment. These stickers are sealed with an anti-bacterial coating.

    56x Colour Stickers


  • Colour Iron-on

    My Nametags Colour Iron-on

    Our colour iron on labels are perfect for clothes and school uniforms. They are easy to apply and will stay on clothing for years. We are also the only label company that offers you a 10-year guarantee.

    56x Colour Iron-on Labels


  • Hello Kitty Stickers and Iron-ons

    My Nametags Hello Kitty labels

    Our 12 Hello Kitty designs are so fun and adorable. Personalise everything with your favourite character! These name labels are available as colour stickers and iron-on.

    56x Stickers or Iron-on


  • Men Men & Little Miss Stickers and Iron-ons

    My Nametags Mr Men Labels

    You can now have your favourite Mr Men & Little Miss characters on your labels! Are you a Mr Messy, a Little Miss Chatterbox or a Mr Bump? These name tags are available as colour stickers and iron-on.

    56x Stickers or Iron-ons


  • Ministickers

    My Nametags Black and White Stickers

    Our Ministickers are our most stylish and discreet option. The ideal labels for older children and even adults! Each ministicker is 16x6mm.

    175x Ministickers


  • Maxistickers

    My Nametags Forest themed Maxistickers

    The perfect stickers for bigger items such as equipment, books, lunch boxes or drinking bottles. Different shapes and sizes all in one set!

    21 Labels


  • Wall Stickers

    My Nametags Space themed Wall Stickers

    Transform your children’s bedrooms into a magical space with our Wall Stickers! Super easy to apply (and reposition) to surfaces such as walls, doors and cabinets.

    Between 21 and 27 stickers (depending on theme)