My Nametags iron on name labels - the perfect tags to label clothing

mother ironing iron-on name label for clothes on a school shirt

Iron-on name labels will allow you to identify your child's clothing and school uniforms.

What is an iron on name label?

Iron on labels are nametags you apply by ironing them onto the fabric of the garment. These tags free you from needing to spend a significant amount of time sewing name tapes onto every item of clothing your child's owns. Applying an iron on takes only seconds. In a matter of minutes all clothing and school uniforms is easily identified! Labelling your child's clothing will make it less likely for the item to be lost and, if lost, will make it more likely that it is returned. No more coats, jumpers or school blazers that do not make it back home or get mistaken for another child's!

How can I personalise my iron on labels?

You are able to design your clothing labels in the same way you design our colour stickers. This means you can choose from a wide range of designs, backgrounds and fonts enabling you to create the perfect iron on. The iron on nametags are 100% personalisable. You will be able to add two lines of text which will allow you to add a first name and surname, phone number or the name of your child's school or nursery. To view all the designs and backgrounds available for the clothing name labels or to start designing your iron on name labels!

We also have exclusive Mr Men & Little Miss Characters and Hello Kitty designs for your iron on labels, available as name stickers and iron ons.

Where can I apply iron on name labels?

My Nametags personalised clothing labels are suitable to be applied to all kinds of clothing. The name labels iron on easily to jumpers, t-shirts, trousers, socks and uniforms. The iron on can be applied directly on the item of clothing. The clothing name tag is washing machine safe, dryer safe and will not budge. We recommend you apply the clothing label in an obvious place so people can see it straight away and identify the owner of the garment.

How do I apply iron on labels?

To apply personalised clothing name labels start by removing the nametag from the transparent backing sheet. Then place the clothing label on the desired place of the garment and cover the iron on with the silicone paper provided. It is important to use the silicone paper as this will protect the iron on label from the direct contact with the heat and ensures that no part of the label sticks to the iron. Once you have the silicone paper on the label you should heat your iron, with the steam setting off, to the maximum temperature the garment is able to sustain. Hold the iron over the iron on label and silicone paper for 8-15 seconds. Next, gently check if the label is stuck on properly, if it does not look like it has hold the iron over the label for a few more seconds. Otherwise, remove the silicone paper and allow it to cool.

We advise you not to wash the garment with a newly applied iron on label for at least 24 hours. Instructions and silicone paper on how to apply our iron labels with each set ordered.

Read our full guide on how to apply iron on name labels.

What size are the clothing labels?

A set of personalised clothing labels consists of 56 iron ons, each clothing name tag meassuring 30x13mm. This size is perfect to allow you to label all your child's favourite clothing and school uniforms.

Why should I choose iron-on labels?

Iron on name labels are perfect to label clothes and school uniforms. They can be ironed directly onto an item of clothing in seconds, will not budge and will stay stuck to clothing for years. Our iron ons are also washing machine and dryer safe. We are so confident on our iron ons, in fact, that we offer a 10 year washing guarantee, unmatched in the nametag market.

Why My Nametags iron on name labels?

My Nametags iron ons have been independently tested and re-tested, washed and re-washed to ensure that we are providing you with the best iron on labels possible. Our iron on tags can be applied quickly and easily directly onto fabric. Labelling your child's clothes for school or nursery no longer has to involve hours of sewing. We are also the only nametag company offering a 10 year washing guarantee. There are so many designs to choose from, personalise your iron on name labels now!

Order 1 set of 56 labels for €16.95

Our colour iron-ons are suitable for:

  • Name tags for Clothing


  • Name tags for School uniform

    School uniform

  • Name tags for Sports clothing

    Sports clothing

  • Name tags for Socks and underwear

    Socks & Underwear

We have the best name labels in the world!

  • High Quality

    We pride ourselves in making labels of the highest quality. We use the best possible material and adhesive, which has been tested and re-tested to ensure our labels stay stuck and resist abrasion.

  • Last Longer

    Our nametags are made to last. They endure the rigours of daily school life, remain in place, can go in washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves and still look great!

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We have an almost 100% customer satisfaction rating, unmatched in the nametag market. We are confident that you will love our labels too and will be happy to assist should you encounter any issues.

  • sustainability


    Labelling your child's items means these are more likely to be returned when lost. A small label can prevent parents from having to rebuy items, encourages reusing and reduces the amount of waste ending up in landfill.

Get started!

Design your iron-on labels now, or choose from our other products including our super-versatile colour sticker labels.

Order 1 set of 56 iron-ons labels for €16.95

  • Why choose colour iron-on nametags?

    • Our personalised clothing labels are the best option if you are looking to identify clothing and school uniforms. No more hours spent sewing sew on labels! These nametags can be applied in seconds, directly on the item of clothing and will not cause any irritation. We do not use any harmful chemicals in the production of our labels.

      The iron-on name label can be customised to reflect your child’s personality or interests. They will have so much fun designing their own nametags! My Nametags iron name labels are waterproof, washing machine and dryer safe. We are confident in the quality of our iron on name labels which is why we are the only company in the market to offer you a 10-year washing guarantee. Be sure to use the silicone paper provided and follow the instructions provided with your set of iron name labels.

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  • Shipping and Payment

    • Delivery to Malta

      You will usually receive your order within one week of us receiving your internet order, but please count 10 days to be sure as it may take up to 48 hours for your order to be produced. One set of iron on name labels will cost €16.95.

    • Payment

      We accept all major credit and debit cards. You can also pay via Paypal. Payment is securely handled by Adyen.

      Payment Methods

    • International delivery

      We deliver anywhere in the world at no extra cost.
      We aim to deliver within 10 working days in Europe and two weeks outside of Europe. Please ensure that you include the country and postcode within the address.

      International deliveries

      The fastest way to order is through the internet, and we usually produce the orders the same day we receive it. We aim to deliver within 10 working days in Europe and two weeks outside Europe. Please ensure that you include the country and postcode in the address.

      International letters and accents

      We are able to do most international accents (e.g. French accents, Icelandic letters). We can do Western European accents on all our labels, while Eastern European and other letters only work on our black and white Classic Nametags. So, if it displays correctly on the preview nametags, we will be able to print it. For Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese and other non-Western alphabets, you will need to use our ‘narrow’ font.

  • Instructions for Use

    • How to use iron-on name labels?

      1. Remove label from the transparent backing sheet.
      2. Place iron on nametag on garment and cover with the silicone paper provided.
      3. Heat iron to maximum temperature for the garment.
      4. Turn off the steam setting and hold the iron over the label for 8-15 seconds.
      5. Remove silicone paper and allow to cool.

      Warning! - Follow garment care instructions.
      - Do not iron labels on non-ironable clothing.
      - Do not iron nametags without using the silicone paper.

    • Where to apply the personalised iron on name tags?

      The iron on name labels should be applied to an area of the item which will be immediately visible. This will make it less likely for the clothes item to get mistaken by someone else's. And, if the item gets lost makes it easier for the person who found the item to identify who it belongs to. Iron-on labels should be applied directly on the fabric.

  • FAQ

    • Which name tags should I choose?

      We believe there is a nametag out there for everyone! Deciding which type is perfect for you depends on where you would like to use them and the size you would like them to be.

      Our personalised colour stickers are the most versatile as they are suitable for items (stationery, books, pens etc) and clothing, and are available in a wide range of designs. If you are looking to label only clothing or want to attach the labels directly on the garment however, you may want to go with out iron-on nametags instead. For more information click here to see our range of name tags.

    • What size are the iron name tags?

      Name tags are generally small in size, yet large enough for the text on them to be readable. Our standard labels are 30 x13mm. This is big enough for them to be easy to read and identify, and means that they can fit on most items of clothing.

    • Why use custom iron name tags?

      How many times has your child lost their school tie, jumper or hat? Name tags are a simple solution to the problem of lost property. Simply applying them to clothing can ensure that they do not get lost and if lost are returned. They are the best way to identify clothing because they do not require any sewing or fade over time like you may find with sew-ons or a clothing stamp.

    • How do I apply the nametags?

      Head over to our Instructions for Use page for detailed help on how to use nametags.

    • Can I split a set of labels?

      We cannot split a set of labels to have more than one name. Due to the way the labels are produced unfortunately this just is not possible.

    • How to design iron-on tags

      Designing iron labels is easy, fun and can be a great activity to do with your child. Simply visit our design page and type in what you would like on your label. You are able to have up to three lines of text which gives you plenty of space to add a name, surname, phone number, school or nursery name. Then you get to pick an icon, background, font and font colour. You will be able to see a preview of what your iron on tag will look like. Once you are happy with your choice click 'add colour iron-on to basket' and proceed to checkout.

    • Do you ship overseas?

      Yes. We send labels all over the world on a daily basis.

    • My order hasn’t arrived

      Don't panic! We tell all customers to allow 10 working days for deliveries. We use Royal Mail First Class postage, and while this will usually ensure your labels arrive the next day, it can be subject to postage delays out of our control. If your purchase still has not arrived after this time, please contact and we'll be happy to help.

    • I need to correct a mistake

      Accidents do happen! If you made a mistake when placing your order, or want to edit your delivery details, please get in touch with us within 10 minutes of placing the order and we'll be able to help. You can reach us on

    • What if I’m not satisfied with My Nametags?

      We pride ourselves on offering the best labels and customer service in the business, if you are unhappy with your labels, for whatever reason, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us on