My Nametags Maxistickers -
Square, Rectangular and Round Stickers

1 Set for €10.95 OR 2+ Sets for €8.95 each

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What are maxistickers?

Discover our amazing Maxistickers – a variety-packed collection of circles, squares, and rectangles all in one set! Transform your child’s lunch boxes, school bags, books and water bottles into colourful personal statements with our large name labels. They are also ideal for sports gear as they are highly durable and waterproof so there is no need to worry about them falling off during activities. Choose from our 29 Maxisticker designs now!

The Best Add-ons to Stickers or Iron-ons


Fun Themes

We offer 29 different themes to suit any taste and style. Click design now and explore all of our Maxisticker designs with your child.


Multiple Sizes

At My Nametags, we think that there should be a label for everything. And that is why we made Maxistickers for bigger things. Check the various sizes here


Best Quality

We pride ourselves on being known for producing the best labels on the market, and we have been independently tested to prove this.

Different sizes for various purposes


Sports Shirt Themed Designs


We all know how mixed opinions are in relation to football and sports teams, that is why we made fully customisable football/sports shirts Maxistickers!

To design their team’s shirt, your child can change the base colour, the sleeves, the collar, the edges and even add stripes. As with all of our Maxisticker designs, sport shirt Maxistickers come in different shapes and sizes.

So no matter what size item your child is labelling, they can show off their team with pride!


Support your team
with our
Sport Shirt Maxistickers

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how to apply Maxistickers?


On Clothing

  • 1. Firmly apply on the care label
  • 2. Allow 24 hours before washing the item.
  • 3. Stickers are washing machine safe up to 60°.

On Items & Equipment

  • 1. Stick the label to a clean and dry hard surface.
  • 2. Allow 24 hours before placing the item in a
  • 3. Stickers are dishwasher safe up to 100°

If you want to label shoes or clothing, we recommend our colour sticker name tags which are smaller in size. Headover to our colour stickers page or iron on page to learn more about how to apply labels to clothing or shoes

Benefits of Large Labels for School Children


Large name labels are ideal for school children. This is because they enable the quick identification of lost or mixed up items as they are large enough to stand out on the item that they identify. As with all name labels, large name labels can help our kids to develop organisational skills and a sense of ownership from a young age as they are reminded of what is theirs whenever they use their labelled items.

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Where to apply large sticker Labels?

shape School Bags
shape Waterbottles
shape Shoes
shape Notebooks